Sweetest Dreams: Bedroom Tour

There’s something about the colors teal and coral that make me giddy. And let me just say: PLEASE give me all the boho decor of the world.

A bedroom may seem like a room that you spend most of your time in with your eyes closed, sleeping. And maybe that’s true. I rarely just “hang out” in my bedroom. But I’ve found that when you have a room that’s clean, neat, pretty, and colorful with a perfectly made bed, it makes you happy. Plain and simple. Happy. Cheerful. Makes you sleep harder, sounder and wake up gleeful.

Dream catchers to shield me from the nightmares and blanket me with happy thoughts and dreams. Living plants and flowers that grow alongside me. Pretty coral rugs that remind me of my childhood room. A million throw pillows that get shifted by my toddler when he jumps on the bed, immediately after I make it. Cutesy elephant, cactus and pineapple trinkets that make me squeal like a kid when I see them. Fun wall art that says things like “Love”, “All I Need are Lattes and Lipstick” and ” The Greatest Gift is Love.”

So, what’s your favorite part of your room?

Sweetest dreams, my friends.

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