What She Tackles, She Conquers!

Thanks for joining me on this mildly random decision to start a blog!

After much encouragement from friends, family, and social media followers wanting to see my book reviews, recipes and DIY projects, I decided to get back into the blogging world. As many of you know, I’m a mother to the sweetest little 4 year old boy ever born. But before mom life, I was a writer. My B.A. in journalism led me to several jobs as a journalist at newspapers and magazines and freelance writing.

After Luke was born, I took a break from that life to be home with him and start my own business. And though I love where life’s taken me, writing will always hold a special place in my heart.

But bear with me as I try to regain my writing skills. Potty training, parent/teacher conferences, piles of toddler laundry and cutting the crust off peanut butter and jelly sandwiches has taken over my life, while my writing has been dumped off to the side.

So, thank you for joining me on this new journey. Hopefully you’ll love my chaotic blog of DIY projects, recipes and book reviews! Chaos and randomness are the stitches that hold my days together-reading the newest released novel, attempting to match toddler socks in between chapters, fumbling trying to open an apple juice pouch as my 4 year old hangs from my shoulders and trying to listen to the oven “ding” letting me know that my gluten free dinner is ready to be served. Sometimes you gotta be a beauty AND a beast.


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